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The shipping costs you pay here at are NOT actual cost. We subsidise our customers with a flat shipping rate. You never pay anything close to the actual shipping cost unless you order only 1 dvd.

The shipping does not include a shipping/tracking number. If you want to have this, please contact us before you order as the shipping cost will be higher. To see the current prices to send it registered (in Norwegian kroner) please visit this link. take no responsibilty for lost packages. Until this day lost packages have hardly happened.

The bigger your order is, the more you save on shipping.

If you plan to make a bigger order, for 51 or more dvds, we will give you a 10% discount. But then you must email us first, and we'll send you an invoice with the discount substracted.

Shipping time is estimated for 1 to 10 working days for orders under 20 dvds. For over 20 dvds it is up to a maxium of 15 working days. Please be aware that this is an estimate. In busy periods delivery time can be longer. If you need your order within a certain date (for example Christmas), please contact us in advance to check if we can deliver on time.

When your order has been shipped out, we will email you, letting you know that the package is on its way. If you buy a bigger set/collection, shipping time can sometimes be longer. Please email us if you have any questions: contact @






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€ 4
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€ 6
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45 or more
€ 15